Getting started

Welcome to IDiA Lab!


This page provides basic information to help you get started with the facility here.

By using IDiA Lab facility you are agreed of the following rules and to abide by them at all times.


User Account

Please use your student ID and password to log in to the machine (Mac/Windows). If SUTD account is disabled, Guest account(no password) is available in Mac OS for temporary usage.

Please note that if this is your first time log into the machine with Windows, the windows loading will takes 5-10 minutes to create your profiles & settings.

All your files are store locally, except the home drive. Please back up your files,IDiA Lab is not responsible for any data losses.


Loading the OS (Operating System)

-restart the machine and hold “Alt” key until OS selection screen

Bootcamp screen

Mac OS guide


To loan devices such as drawing tablet and Microphones please contact Albert. See the available items here.

Any inquiries or request please contact us at