IDiA Lab Rules

IDiA Lab User Agreement

By using the IDiA Lab and its facilities, you agree of the following rules and to abide by them at all times

  1. The primary purpose of the lab is to encourage exploration and education in the digital arts – specifically, not to answer email, check Facebook, watch non-relevant you-tube, etc
  2. Only students with access may enter the lab.
    1. Do not allow anyone without permission to access the lab.
    2. Especially, do not tamper with the doors to allow free access to the lab.
  3. Keep the lab clean.
    1. Unless authorized, no food or drink is allowed except water in closed containers.
    2. Pick up after yourself, and be mindful for the next user of lab equipment.
  4. The lab is a work area and a collaboration space
    1. Do not sleep, run, skate or roughhousing in the lab.
  5. Treat lab equipment with respect
    1. No modification of OS, software or installing of unauthorized software
    2. Do not move any hardware from its original position
    3. Absolutely no cracking, do not test the security systems from this lab.
    4. Be gentle, refrain from smashing keyboards, leaning on the glass panels, sitting on tables, etc.
    5. Parties responsible for any damage or inconvenience will be responsible making or paying for the repairs or resetting the equipment back to its original condition
  6. Do not leave your belongings unattended. Items left in the lab will be placed in the Lost & Found box and will be discarded after one week
  7. The above terms and conditions may be updated without notice by the administrators of the lab.


Version 1.2, Updated 26  March 2015