Signage design for SUTD Open House 2013. Software used : Photoshop.


Frame design for visitors to include their toy creation into the image for photo taking. Software used : Photoshop.

ESD New Faculty video. Software used : Photoshop & After Effects. Portrait creation is done in Photoshop by combining 2 filters (cutout & dry brush) and hand drawn strokes to create a strong outline for the portrait. The pixel block background effect was create in After Effects by applying CC Pixel Polly effect on a duplicate layer of the portrait. To learn more about the process of making this video please visit the IDiA lab.

Designed in the IDiA Lab February & March 2013

New video of ESD faculty, signage and toy’s frame design for the 2013 SUTD Open House.

Check out the video here and visit this page for the making of the portraits.